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TwinkleU’s “Magic” Video Shoot at the Ebell Theater in Santa Ana

January 7, 2011

Our most ambitious video to date is nearly in the can. We shot on an 100 plus year old stage with bellydancers, jugglers, a baby, a magician, red hat ladies and an internet star on January 4 in Santa Ana, CA.

The staff at the Ebell Theater made sure we were comfortable and taken care of in this beautiful 1900’s era building which is in remarkable condition. We ended up booking nearly everyone through including the camera man who also handled lighting and nearly everything technical.

Patrick Connor, whose talents include being a juggler/unicycle rider executed every crazy stunt we asked for. Frank Rogala’s aunt Tillie braved the cold theater with her friend Carol and they sported their bright red hat lady outfits. Internationally known music performer David Choi ( a friend of Johnny Tong (our magician in the “Magic” video) came by to meet us, hang out and ended up helping us with a scene (you’ll have to wait and see – no spoilers here).

Mariah and her beautiful daughter Saba (who just immigrated here from Iran!) lit up the camera with their beautiful eyes

Our baby (Hudson) was the perfect performer. Smiling whenever he heard the director’s (Frank Rogala’s) voice, and doing his scenes with a smile long after his bedtime. We had to wrap one hour early due to the illness in the cameraperson’s family – so greenscreen shots will be done, hopefully, in the next few days.

Looking to rent a theater in Orange County, Long Beach, Los Angeles, etc.

November 23, 2010

We are looking for a theater to rent for the shooting of the video for Magic. We need a place that has no windows and has a decent (not small) medium to large size stage. We should be able to shoot the video in 6 to 8 hours and we can work with the theatre’s schedule. There are approximately 5 performers, but none will appear on the stage at the same time (due to the magic of video compositing), so this is a very safe/sane shoot.

We would prefer the proximity of the theater to be close to Anaheim, but if it is the right place, it is the right place and we will go to the inland empire or the valley if needed.

If you have a suggestion or you know a place, please email us at!

Propose A Concept Or Propose Creating a Video for a TwinkleU Song

November 9, 2010

Looking to create a music video?

Have a great concept for a music video for a TwinkleU song?

We have a goal to create a striking video for each song on the TwinkleU album and part of that plan has to do with you!

We are looking for ideas that are surprising, innovative, sweet, entertaining, funny, poignant, well anything that moves you!

We are also open to working with filmmakers who want a great music video as a credit and are in search of a top notch song to work with.

If you have a great idea and want to make a video – we can help with resources and funding.

If you just have a great idea, and no time or talent for videos -we still want to hear from you! We will credit you for any ideas.

If you are reading this and aren’t familiar with TwinkleU, you can click on the preview link on the home page and hear long samples of the award winning album from the myspace page.

If you know a talented filmmaker, make sure to pass on this opportunity!

Email us at or even easier – leave a comment here. Be sure to let us know who you are.